The new Playground for kr3m April 5, 2022

The new Playground for

The new Playground for kr3m develops French/German online games site

Online games are in high demand and not only in Germany. With the release of the new HTML5 games site for the Swiss news portal Blick, kr3m’s next international Playground ( goes live today.

Now also Blick: International media houses rely on multilingual casual games platform

Online games such as Sudoku, Solitaire or Mahjong are highly popular and also in Switzerland thousands search for the game Sudoku via Google every month. The kr3m white-label Playground  already tried and tested in DACH for 15 years by many partners, including DER SPIEGEL, FOCUS Online, BILDspielt, 20Minuten, kurier and  is now entering Switzerland again. We have now also developed a Playground in German and French for Blick. This allows Blick to reach users in German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking cantons and neighboring France. For clients with a bilingual target group, this is logical and highly recommended, because games are a relevant traffic channel and bilingual addressing allows even more search requests to be served and allows even more users to be picked up.

The advantages of HTML5 games: Longer retention time and more advertising revenue

Why do so many news portals rely on HTML5 games and which games are most popular? We hear these questions frequently and they are quickly answered: HTML5 games, like kr3m’s casual games, promise free gaming fun with no barriers to entry or delays. The user calls up the page and can start playing immediately. HTML5 games therefore offer the perfect user experience and have an attractive effect on Internet users – traffic increases. This is great for news portals, and it gets even better: casual games are ideal for extending the time users spend on the site. While reading journalistic articles only takes a few minutes, users spend an average of 15 minutes playing our games. This is valuable time that Blick can now use for profitable ad plays. Added to this is the positive, psychological link between the user and the provider. By playing games, the user receives information of an emotionally positive nature, which the brain stores better than others. This can lead to the provider of such games being positively associated by the user. The desire to stay increases and other offers – further games, newsletters or other sub-pages – become interesting for the user.

The most popular online games include Sudoku, Solitaire, mahjong and bubble shooter. Therefore, these game principles also form the basis of kr3m’s successful Playground. We follow the motto: quality before quantity. An overcrowded range of games is of no help to anyone. This is because it is not possible to guarantee constant quality, a consistent user experience and, ultimately, optimized ad playout.

Additional target group extension through exciting browser games

By connecting cool browser games, more users can be attracted and that pays off!
In addition to the great classics of MMO games (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that kr3m Playground already has in its selection, exciting browser game novelties are added to the new
online game oage from Blick. 

In the building strategy games Elvenar and Arkheim: Realms of War magical fantasy worlds open up to the player, in which many adventures await. The Rail Nation gamewill make the hearts of all railroad enthusiasts beat faster. Here, the user becomes a railroad tycoon and experiences railroad nostalgia from all eras. The highlight of the look, however, is Game of Thrones. The thrilling browser game of the popular TV series has been long awaited by fans and together with well-known characters of the GoT universe, the player is supported in the battles of the kingdoms of Westeros. If the technical requirements for integration are met and the usability fits – as is the case here – then a further target group can be attracted with the help of browser games. The positive side effect is that browser games usually also earn money through optional in-game sales, thus providing a new source of revenue with higher sales per user.

We are pleased to have developed an optimally positioned and bilingual games site for Blick, which offers users the best possible gaming experience with their favorite games. Programmed in HTML5 and with different layouts for different devices, the games can be browsed from all popular devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.

Swiss gamers looking for the perfect gaming experience can now find their favorite game at To turn every search into a result, the focus of the new game page is on one game per game principle and we serve the most relevant SEO keyword with high-quality editorial content – because here too, SEO content is king!